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I have been using catheters for two years now and have already been through three different companies due to the lack of service, high prices, and hidden charges. has by far the best prices and service. I receive my shipments in two days!

Kris G.
Marysville, WA

I am so happy to have come across CatheterPros website. Not only are they friendly and knowledgeable, but I found out I can use my insurance and not have to re use catheters. In this economy, the amount of money they helped me save is incredible!! Thank you!!

Justin R.
Scottsdale, AZ

I can’t thank you enough! With being a care taker for my husband, worrying about his supplies is the last thing I have time for and you have made it so easy and affordable. After speaking to customer service today I am convinced you guys really are the Pros!

Carol S.
Ladera Ranch, CA

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DeRoyal Heel and Elbow Protector Sock w/Foam Pad
Regular Price: $241.60
On Sale For: $144.96 
DeRoyal Heel Suspension Boot, Smooth w/Attached Wedge
Regular Price: $89.85
On Sale For: $53.91 
DeRoyal Multidex Gel, Non-Toxic, Sterile 1/2oz
Regular Price: $28.85
On Sale For: $17.31 
DeRoyal Multidex Gel, Non-Toxic, Sterile 1/4oz Packet
Regular Price: $21.23
On Sale For: $12.74 
DeRoyal Multidex Maltodextrin Wound Dressing Gel 3oz Non-Toxic
Regular Price: $56.90
On Sale For: $34.14 
DeRoyal Multidex Maltodextrin Wound Powder, Non-Toxic, Sterile 6g Tube
Regular Price: $18.55
On Sale For: $11.13 
DeRoyal Wide Mesh Gauze Dressing 18
Regular Price: $23.08
On Sale For: $13.85 
Dewrap System Sterile 3-Layer Compression Bandage
Regular Price: $42.32
On Sale For: $32.55 
Fine Mesh Non-Sterile Gauze Dressing 18
Regular Price: $32.03
On Sale For: $24.64 
Fine Mesh Sterile Gauze Dressing 13
Regular Price: $828.54
On Sale For: $637.34 
Fine Mesh Sterile Gauze Dressing 2
Regular Price: $6.70
On Sale For: $5.15 
Fine Mesh Sterile Gauze Dressing 3
Regular Price: $611.47
On Sale For: $470.36 
Fluftex 4.5
Regular Price: $5.39
On Sale For: $4.15 
Fluftex Gauze Pad Sterile 2's, 9
Regular Price: $1,109.52
On Sale For: $853.47 
Multipad Non-Adherent Wound Dressing 2
Regular Price: $395.61
On Sale For: $304.32 
Multipad Non-Adherent Wound Dressing 4
Regular Price: $68.84
On Sale For: $52.95 
Multipad Non-Adherent Wound Dressing 4
Regular Price: $278.31
On Sale For: $214.09 
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